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Women – Raise your bars, please!

A friend of mine recently got married and just came to the US a week back. She called me today to plan a meet-up. I was so elated to hear her voice as I was speaking to her after a long … Continue reading

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Act 1

Change – Lets teach our kids to address not just Dads, but Moms as well with “aap“. Lets not ignore slip ups while addressing Mommys, and pay emphasis that both deserve equal respect. Its common culture that as kids become more comfortable with their mothers, they start using … Continue reading

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Chetan Bhagat ko Dandawat Pranam|I Hate You Like I Love You

So since everybody loves to read these days, thanks to our very own home production, Mr. Chetan Bhagat, I would like to take this opportunity to pay my highest regards to him by doing a Dandavat Pranam. Now, I am … Continue reading

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