Forgotten happy dreams

And then some days you wake up and everything’s perfect.” – David Nicholls, One Day

I woke up today with a very happy feeling. This happens every once in a while and I call them my superpower days. For some reason, which I am still trying to figure out, these days go by so perfect. I am in a good mood, with unusual charge and strength. I get so much done on these days sometimes it makes me wonder (hence, the term ‘superpower’ day).

It was similar but different in a way today. I woke up feeling happy but I knew I was giddy with the dream I had seen during the night. I tried to travel back.

I remembered sometime during the night, I was woken up by a dream, a perfect dream. At the time I remember sitting up surprised but sleepy, thought about it, recalled it vividly, relived it, soaked in the warmth and went back to sleep. I even remember having a vague feeling of disbelief of such a grand and unexpected dream. It must have been something extraordinary!

When I got up in the morning, the happy feeling and warmth was still there but the dream itself was lost. Or maybe locked in a secure treasure box in my heart? As much as I tried to relive it or remember it, it dint come back. I tried thinking about my fav people, places, events and everything else that could make me glad but in vain. On usual days, this would have irritated me but nah, not today. There’s no getting me down today. What will we conquer? Everything! 🙂

Some people say if you think happy thoughts during the day, they metamorph into happy dreams during the night. I am not too sure about this because yesterday was a particularly shitty day for me. I was overworked and damn frustrated by the end, which happened to be sometime around 10PM!

So maybe this was a small gift transported in a mysterious way, from those thinking about me from far away, worrying about me all the time, wishing for my health and happiness.

Whatever it was, I wish I could savor more of it. I wish I could remember the dream.

Happy dreams, everyone!

Hey! What if my brain has it’s own dream pensieve, instead of a memory one like in HP, which my brain uses subconsciously after an awful day? Wattey thought 😀

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