Did this really happen? Again?

While I am still in abject shock over what happened in Bangalore over New Year’s, I can’t believe our politicians, and in case they have forgotten, our custodians, keep making careless statements displaying their ignorance and indifference to this grave issue. Do they really don’t learn from mistakes? Dint we have enough examples through 2016?

Every time one of these assholes makes such a comment, I try not to be as shocked as I get. Most people have got used to it, but my question is why? Why have we got used to these democratically chosen MPs taking our safety and integrity so lightly? How dare he say ‘these things happen’? Well, why do they happen? And what are you doing so that they don’t happen?

I am tired of relying on politicians’ and society’s IQ and common sense to realise this is not ok. This is not normal. So maybe we need a more aggressive approach? Maybe its time we show our ‘Kaali’ version? We really can’t wait for the swift change. Its enough. We need a revolution. And we need it right now.

Although I am no champion in legal and political studies, even I can think of a few ways to mend this situation, maybe just a tiny bit. A criminal(?) case should be filed whenever one of these public servants make such a comment which puts a question mark on their line of thinking. They should be answerable to the court since they are clearly not answering us. EC has banned hate-speeches and caste/religion-based vote garnering. Why not ban misogynistic speech as well?

Barring all MPs/MLAs who have any pending criminal case against them from contesting elections is a sure shot way to filter out these bumpkins who we give power to rule us in any which way they like. All molestation/abuse/assault cases should be solved within a month or two of registering a FIR. If not solved, at least arrests should be made in a fortnight. I am pretty sure our police force have the capability to do this, they just don’t give a fuck.

We were so quick to arrest a petty university student under sedition charges for displaying his amazing oratory skills and verbally highlighting some of whats wrong with our country right now! Sedition by definition is ‘conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.‘ How come we dont have a law against the reverse? When the authority itself conducts a speech inciting people to rebel?

Without making people at every stage answerable, I dont think we are going anywhere. Since our society clearly lacks any sense of moral responsibility (did you watch those mute bystanders while the lady was being beaten and dragged in clear view? It disgusts me!), its really upto the judiciary to do us some justice.

I am sure there are numerous other legal ways to stop our nation’s rulers from disgracing and shaming us any more and understanding that it’s really absolutely totally not ok!

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