New Year Resolutions anyone?

I personally dont like the idea of new year resolutions because overall, I am an organised person. Not very much organised in thoughts, but in actions, yes. I dont overindulge in anything and have very strong self restraint and self control, if I need to exercise it anytime.

But this year was different. It started on a sad note (although I was hopeful of the future in a new country), progressed with chaos and conflicts, moved towards growth and milestones, and ended with a long spell of clutter and anarchy. Two major failures were not being able to read as many books I had planned to and not being able to travel and visit as many places as I could. And this is just my personal space, about my own journey through the year. I am not even considering all the global drama which made the year quite hopeless.

The major highlight was the skydiving adventure which was long due in my bucket list!

But I still have a long list of career paths to choose from, I still need to fall in love with the city I am working in, I still need to figure out my workout routine and I still need to find more co-curricular activities outside of my work hours. There are just so many things happening all at the same time, without anything substantial actually happening. I still have so many decisions to make and its already the new year!

So maybe, new year resolution would be a good idea to declutter and organise, not just my actions, but my thoughts too. Because I sure dont want to end up chasing two rabbits and catching none.

I think I should start with being more optimistic 🙂

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