A sad self-discovery

This is one of those times when I discovered one of my weird character traits which I am not so happy about. I believe everyone’s beliefs and nature evolve over time and so will mine. But for now, I’ll have to live with this.

The prelude is that I am not an animal-person. Actually, I don’t know if I am or not since I never had a pet. I feel awkward around pets and I think, I might make pets feel uncomfortable too because I just don’t know how to be around them. Given time, I may learn but at this point, I dont know. Although, I do know that I love to watch animal videos, I have visited a couple of zoo and really liked being around those animals, liked it a little less them being in cages but I felt good. I also nursed a couple of kittens for a few days during my vacations whom I discovered in my backyard, but as soon as they grew stronger, they went away. The point is, I think I love animals but again, I am not completely sure if I love them enough to have as pets.

So I recently moved to a new house where I am renting a room with a small family. It’s a huge 4-bhk owned by a mother of 2. Since the kids study at boarding, the house is mostly empty and so she rents out the bigger room. As I was directly coming to the place from another state, I did not get a chance to meet her in-person or checkout the house before moving.

I flew down from Jersey and landed directly at her door with all my luggage. As soon as she opened the door, I saw a cute little small white face peeping out. Frankly I did not notice until he started barking! And then we were introduced 🙂

At first I felt a little irritated about this lack of information even when we had spoken at least 5-6 times about all aspects of the house, my requirements and her conditions etc. She never mentioned anything about a dog. What if I was allergic to dogs? What if I dint like dogs? I just felt it was another cases for my famous lying-by-omission diary. But I was too tired to dwell on it for now. As long as it doesn’t bite or bother me, I was good.

It has been a couple of days and I have started to be comfortable around him now. But this one discovery has troubled me.

He is a really really cute, all-white, fluffy little dog but as dogs are, he is so obedient! After she introduced me to him, he wanted to get really friendly but I digressed, feeling exhausted and uncomfortable at the same time, so the situation passed. But I am working from home since 2-3 days now and there is nobody else to give him company. So he just follows me around. And what irritates me is exactly that.

He is just too obedient. If I sit, he sits; if I eat, he eats. If I order him to stay, he just stays and makes that cute little puppy face. How can someone not like him!! If I walk, he just follows me! AND, it’s really bothersome to have someone following you around all the time!

Why doesn’t he know what to do with himself? Why doesn’t he rebel to go out? Why doesn’t he bark when he wants something and I don’t listen?

Ah…I might not be making any sense but I think I am not a dog-lover for now just because they are so obedient, which is pretty ironic. And this doesn’t make me feel good at all. [The licking thing grosses me out too. Thats also something I am NOT OK with.]

So maybe I am a cat person? Meh. Oh, I know!

I am a unicorn person!!!


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