True-Love Snapshot

I read ‘The Five People You Meet In Heaven‘ yesterday and this was my favorite quote from the book – “Every life has one true-love snapshot.

That moment in your life thinking about which even after years will make your heart skip a beat, will make you lose a breath in the fraction of a second. It happens to me and so I know its true. I consider myself lucky to have found my true-love snapshot, only, I dint know if it was real and what to call it 🙂

I used to think this is some kind of a personal secret I have created in my head to stop myself from forgetting about that fantastical feeling of love-at-first-sight. But now I know it’s not fiction, it’s not my secret. It’s a fact and it has a name, even though I found it in a fictional novel  😉

My true-love snapshot is a time so many years behind but I still experience the same heartache I felt the time it happened.

I had recently confessed my feelings to my then best friend. He dint feel the same way for me but we decided to give it a shot. One late evening, I went to his office after my work-hours to spend some time with him. This had become a sweet little routine. We were both in different offices so it was difficult to meet on weekdays and this somehow happened organically and we started to meet in late evenings at either one’s offices. So one day, after our rendezvous, he was walking with me to the bus stop to see me off. We were talking casually while waiting for the bus and I dint notice any change in his behaviour. We had been really comfortable with each other since a long time. Even before I had told him anything about my feelings, we were best friends for some time now.

The bus arrived and I was the last one to get in, always trying to buy a few more minutes with him. Right when I reluctantly got in, a second later, he jumped in, the bus was about to move, gave me a quick peck, I felt in a very different way than any other times he had before, and got down. The bus started to move and I moved sheepishly towards the last seat, completely embarrassed at what had just happened. I kept staring back at him through the window until he went out of sight. I still remember that weird feeling I got while looking at him. He looked so perfect to me right then, all that I wanted in him without even knowing. I still remember that smile he had on when he got down and saw me staring with my eyes wide open. I’ll never forget that smile, that brown lined shirt,  those black pants, the silver watch or those black shoes. That point/look/snapshot etched in my memory still makes me crazy 🙂

People say but I know its true that sometimes you feel that the heartache would kill you. That feeling is real when you think that your heart will burst right out of you because of so much love for someone or something. Even though I am not with him anymore, it happens every time I think about that moment in time. My heart skips a beat and I lose a breath. This was my true-love snapshot and will always be.

That kind of love happened to me!


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