Where’s the plan?

Every now and then, life keeps proving this to me. And now, I accept it. That’s it.

‘Not having a plan is the plan’

I was speaking to my college buddy after a loooong hiatus. We were both explaining each other the daily struggles in our lives and also giving solutions ourselves. It’s funny how friends talk. We want to catchup on so many things in such short time.While we are at it, we might even give a shot at solving the mystery of ‘What Is Life’ 😀

So in the middle of all the stories going on in parallel, I told how I am confused where my life is heading and what am i really doing with my career. Where will I be and where do I want to be in the next 5 years or so. I want to do so many things but don’t know which one to start with. I am equally passionate about all.

With the calming persona that she has, says – Just stop worrying and planning so much. Life doesn’t go as per the plan anyways. Just make sure whatever you take up, is one of those things that’s important to you and eventually, after a few years, you’ll see that it all falls in place and all the dots connect to what you really wanted to do and where you were really supposed to be. You will realise that all those happenings were only paving the way for you to reach where you were meant to be.

That really made a lot of sense to me. I don’t know why but I suddenly felt a calm. I decided to give up on all the struggle and trying-too-hard. Did that work for me? Absolutely!

I finally got a call from my future employer with a great offer, which was stuck in discussions and arguments for a long time. While discussing about the additional benefits, I asked them about their Outreach/Volunteer programmes. Surprisingly, that too perfectly aligned with one of the social ventures I want to start. They got really excited to hear that and offered to connect me with the appropriate people right after onboarding. They even informed that even though I will have to reloacte for this job, it will be for the best because the place offers great options for me in the field of education, which is what my social enterprise will be all about. Now isn’t that great! So life does look settled as long as I don’t freak out every now and then.

Thinking back, I realise this happens to me all the time. When I leave things on destiny, it has always turned out best for me. Life is good again! Well, it always was I guess.

Like I say – ‘All manifests itself in good time


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One Response to Where’s the plan?

  1. Definitely what ever situation in life arise we have to accept it and need to change our thoughts to sustain. I have some views on life, on http://tuneupsuccess.com/how-success-may-achieve-by-turn-bad-situation-into-good-one/ your comments is most welcome


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