Coincidence? May be not

Let me admit it. I am going through a rough patch in my professional life and some of it, not all, is my own fault. But I am learning with each new mistake on the way.

So today I am taking a break from all this chaos, confusion and uncertainty, and brooding over the past couple of years. I got a chance to travel to two countries abroad, which is something I always wanted, albeit not in a way I had wished for. I have lost touch with a number of friends and become closer to my family. But thinking back, all this has come at a price and now I am analysing if the price is worth it. I am evaluating whether its wise to keep going or taking a turn would make me happier.

I definitely miss my weekend travels and back-packing adventures. I miss getting together with my friends for late night gossip sessions and outrageously expensive brunches.

I have always been an independent female who loves to go out and roam around whenever she likes. It could be an ice-cream craving at 10PM or the need to meet a friend at 11PM. I have always taken that liberty for granted and now, this boundation of not being able to move on my own is killing me. This is a different country and the rules are new. But the paralysis of transport is making me realise that travel freedom is not something I can compromise with.

I am in this mood since a few weeks now and somehow articles like the below keep popping up in my news feed, suggested readings, connections….

My brain tells me this is all IoT since my suggestions are based on what I am browsing day-in and day-out, although I don’t recall doing a google search anytime about quitting or changing my job.

My heart tells another story. Maybe this is just God’s way of guiding me that it’s the right time to make a turn and finally start on the path which I always thought to be treading eventually. Maybe its about time and rightly so.

Maybe now is the time I should go back and start working on that social enterprise I have been planning for years now. Or maybe take that solo road trip I am craving for so long.

I am not sure yet but maybe I will.


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