When you go through it, you grow through it

I read this phrase in an article on LinkedIn a few days back. It’s really deep if you think about it.

When you go through it, you grow through it.‘ How precious!

As I keeping mentioning, I believe my life is a little extra eventful than that of an average late-20s human being (So I am thinking this blog will be great fodder for a masala movie or memoir a couple of decades later). Anyways..

I have been through my fair share (or maybe a little more than what I bargained for) of ups and downs. There are always rainy days followed by rainbows. None of them last long though. But one thing comes out every time – I grow a little from each of those experiences. And coincidentally, this is exactly what my Dad said yesterday.

Its not a big deal that life throws unwelcome surprises at you all the time. In the end, if you analyse and learn from it, it’s all good and you’ll be fine eventually. And I know that you do that. So I know you will manage.

Be it a breakup, a bitter end to a job or a friendship that turned sour, I have always tried to take some lesson from it and move on, rather unconsciously. Moving on becomes a little easier the next time. Not because I feel unattached, but because I trust that this happened for a reason, it happened because it was meant to teach me something.

There have been lessons in trust, to watch my mouth, to control anxiety, to have more patience, to be more discreet, to watch my back all the time and most importantly, to fight my own battles. How many ever friends you have and how much ever close you are to them, eventually, you have to fight your own battles and make your own way. Friends, family and colleagues can only do so much.

It has been rewarding to know that mostly, we make situations worse by our own anxiety and apprehensions. Patience is key. Some situations resolve on their own if we keep a calm attitude and don’t react too much.

It was a great lesson to realise and get it confirmed numerous times (why don’t i learn!) that business is business for a reason and job pays salary for a reason. I need to fend for myself even if others have my back. At moments of conflict, company will have to think of profit and there is nothing wrong with it. They have to.

Lastly, its important to believe that life goes on. A very grim-looking future right now might turn into a bright sunshine in no time if we keep our faith and dedication. But of course, since there is no such thing as a free meal, I need to keep working for it!


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