I am Tired And Outraged!

Long time, no see!
Yes. I have been busy with the usual nothings in life and surprisingly enough, my life wasn’t offering me anything to crib about for some time. But today, I have my topic and so I am here. To say all that I cant say to people to their faces and not because I literally cant say it to their faces, but mostly because nobody would care. And that’s my problem. Nobody cares anymore. Life goes on! I ask Why?

I am sure the whole world is well reminded of the heinous incident on that fateful night of December. For all this time and still, I continuously think am I lucky or just biding my time until something like this happens to me?

I am still confused as to how can I contribute to curb such shameful mishaps, what can I do to save and protect not just myself but my sisters and friends too, apart from taking care of what to wear and what time to be back home, since we have all read about numerous examples where these conditions were invalid.

2 days back, I got this mail from Change.org-



This mail looked like a teeny-meeny way to do something, just Something. Maybe it would have some effect. A little hope that it might bring a change somewhere, in some way. So I greedily grabbed the chance and signed the petition. After signing, I get this mail –


After the incident, I had a lot of friends changing their profile pics and display pics on FB, WhatsApp etc. showing their anger and resentment. I thought this would be a good way to let it out and do something. I thought people, most of all, all of my female brigadiers, would definitely take this up and would sign the petition immediately.

With a little more hope, I shared this email and petition link with all my contacts over mail and WhatsApp. I believed at least 98% of them would sign this, judging from their resentment publicly shared all over social media.

The next day I got a mail from the organisation, with the title ‘Thanks. You Got Naval To Sign’. I was surprised and confused. If they are sending me acknowledgements for all people who signed the petition following my reference, how can I have just one? I desperately searched my mailbox for more. Nope. None.
By the end of next day, I got 2 more. That’s it?

It was outrageous! To give you a perspective, I sent this out to at least 30 contacts!

I checked my WhatsApp groups and saw that after an hour of my link share, there had been numerous jokes and anecdotes in the log. And to clarify, I had not just shared the link. I had clearly mentioned in bold : “Please Sign below petition for Action against Uber“.

Even more surprising was the fact that out of those 3 people who actually signed the petition, 2 were male friends and 1 was female. Burn!

I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. And this is why I am tired of listening to people talking about what all should be done and what all needs to be done. Its so exhausting to listen and read about everyone’s opinion about on whom is the onus. It is so irritating to listen to people complaining and shouting how it is always someone else’s responsibility to change things and make it better for them.

Sometimes, I just want to punch in their face and shout “Shut the f**k up if you are not willing to do something yourself. Even when an opportunity is right in front of you.”

If we cant go to the streets and support those who are giving up their comfy cushions and marching on the streets for our safety and our luxury, the least we can do is take cognizance of their efforts and do something sitting on our workstations and tapping the iPhone buttons.

And then there are people who completely ignore such incidents, by-pass them like a celebrity gossip. Have we become inured to such crimes, reading 100s of same stories in newspapers everyday, watching the same ‘breaking news’ on TVs the whole evening? Why have we become so tolerant of things which should not be tolerated at all? Why don’t all of us get angry enough for the people around, which includes potential offenders, to think about the consequences twice before even dreaming about it?

I hope we become more expressive of our intolerance and do our bit, however small and inconsequential it might seem, because –

Change begins at home!

P.S. – Link to sign the petition

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One Response to I am Tired And Outraged!

  1. upenreddy says:

    I have just signed!!


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