On RakshaBandhan :-)

It’s RakshaBandhan in India today and brothers and sisters of the country are celebrating. Although I feel the excitement has somehow receded now and few brothers like flaunting their arms full of rakhis, its still a festival when sisters get their one chance to ask whatever they want from their brothers.

Every year, this day always reminds of a funny ritual we had in our school for Rakhshabandhan.

One day before the eve, there was an announcement made in every class that all girls had to bring at least one rakhi and all boys had to bring at least one gift the next day. On the day, girls and boys used to stand in separate rows facing each other. Each girl would have to tie rakhi to the boy facing her in the opposite row. The boy would then give a return gift to the girl and vow to be her brother in times good and bad. And every class, right from 1st standard till the 10th had to do this.

When we were really young, I remember guys and girls used to be really excited about the day and all would look from the corner of the eye at what no. was their favorite boy/girl was standing and they would stand at the exact same no. Because all girls wanted to make their favorite boy in class as their brother and all boys wanted to have their best girl in class as a sister. Well, it sounds funny now but this was how innocent we were back then. We knew no other feeling and being brothers and sisters with the favorite one seemed like the highest form of bonding and most respected thing to do.

As we grew older and reached higher classes, the excitement turned into agony because everyone was discovering those other kinds of emotions. Some guys would not come to school on the day for fear of having to become the brother of the girl for whom they would rather die than see themselves bro-zoned. Similarly for girls. They would find excuses to skip the process or find the no. where their boy was standing and stand 5 places in front or 5 places behind. 

Sometimes situations became so funny that people would keep changing their positions until the last moment. Imagine the dilemma when the girl/guy is facing the one person they wanted to avoid 🙂  If they back-off now, their clandestine love for the opposite one would be revealed and made fun of in public. Even worse, if they kept standing, they would be tied eternally in a sacred bond of brother and sister. Oh, I pity those people who could not escape. My sympathies :-p 

Well, however funny this practice sounds now, at least it gave me brothers whom I can still count on. Cheers to the love!

Happy RakshaBandhan!

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