Vacation Woes :-(

Procrastination wins again! I bow down to thee.

I was so excited about the coming long weekends until today afternoon. I could survive the long barren July only in wait and anticipation of these long weekends in August. But only to be disappointed.

Somewhere in the middle of all the animated zeal and enthusiasm, I forgot to take into account that its a universal long weekend and not one specially crafted to give my tired and bored bones, a much needed rejuvenation.

So I had some time today in office surprisingly, and I thought of making all bookings for a nice quiet trip somewhere nearby. Just this thought made me feel so proud of myself that I am planning everything much in advance. Little did I suspect the impending horror. No seats in any KSRTC buses to anywhere from Bangalore! When I say anywhere, I am counting places around 600kms from Bangalore.

So, I go to redbus to try my luck on private buses. Nothing there too!!!

Somehow I control myself from crying out in office and decide that I would of course get a seat in some bus because of someone’s last minute cancellation. I cant be that unlucky.

Panic starts to rise within me and I quickly move on to check for hotel bookings. A few months back, after much RnD, I had prepared a list of places to cover around Bangalore and the hotels/home-stays/cafes zeroed-in to stay. I start calling them frantically to make my booking for a 3-day stay. The receptionists everywhere sound especially glad to immediately crush my plans saying ‘M’am, no bookings available till the end of August. We could try for September if you want’. I am portraying their evil smirk and my flooded eyes in my mind 😦

You cant even imagine how my heart was being shattered to pieces in this process. 2 long weekends would go to a waste. All my apprehensions about the destinations and my hopes of having a new adventure after a long break, all dumped within an hour.

A fake promise to myself that I’ll be more proactive from now, I decide to plan all my trips till October, over this weekend and close my Google chrome. It’s already 8:30 PM and time to leave.

So much for a long weekend.

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