When Office Occupies Your Weekends Too

Aah…I love it!

Save your reproachful looks!!! I am not talking about those rotten hateful weekends when you have to go to office because of some “emergency” deployment or an “issue” in production….yeah…we all give the same nasty look to those weekends…never would have Saturdays and Sundays felt such loathing and disgust.

There’s a twist in the story though. I am talking about those sweet and satisfying weekends when you cant wait for Monday to come. You don’t want to go out with your friends because you are busy with your happy thoughts about the coming Monday. O dear God….such excitement….much peace!

Don’t tell me it hasn’t happened to you ever? Come on…never?

Not even when towards the end of Friday, your PITA rival sent out a mail displaying his stupidity to everyone. You feel like finally your day has come to get back at him. You cant stop dreaming and imagining his agony when you would reply to his email on Monday and show everyone how dumb he actually is. You cant stop thinking about how your Manager will drop down to his knees and accept your superiority. How he will offer you a promotion and an immediate onsite. You have waited too long and finally your time has come. Oh…the glories your email on Monday would bring. You cant wait for the weekend to get over. Really.

Or, when you have stayed in office till quite late on Friday and solved a major critical issue which had all senior official on their toes. But nobody was able to crack it even though every minute of every office hour was being spent “discussing” it. You had chosen to quit “discussing” the issue and rather to focus your energy on solving it. Finally, at the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, you awake to life and freedom when your application worked! You test it multiple times because even you cant believe you did it. After being sure that it wasn’t a stroke of luck, you send out an excited email to the whole project, wishing if somebody could forward the achievement to the company’s CEO, and leave the office with a content heart. The weekend wont pass because you are trying to think of ways to sort out the bulk of appreciation mails. How to order them according to their rate of importance. Should you consider the designation of the person appreciating you or the relevance? Its a difficult choice and 2 days go by in a blink. Before you know it, you are still giddy with excitement, but still not sure of the choice, and its already Monday.

I just want to pause here and end the post because I don’t want to talk about the Monday when you find a mail appreciating your rival’s cleverness and dexterity in observing an unimportant but rather sensitive point.

Or when your mailbox doesn’t have a single reply over your success on Friday. Well, maybe everybody is on leave or maybe they will wake up late. After all, who wants to check mails on Monday. Monday sucks!

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One Response to When Office Occupies Your Weekends Too

  1. priyankas841 says:

    it happens many a times 😦


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