These Bollywood Classics Would Drain You Off of Emotions

I am a crazy weird person and almost everybody has accepted this by now. And this random post is another proof of just how random can I be.

So off late, I have got this Movie Marathon bugs in me. And this is not like those usual ones we used to have in colleges. This is typical and it has its own type (well, this was redundant I guess since typical already means a certain type but anyways, this came in the flow and now I like the sound of the sentence so I am not gonna change it :-p ).

Yeah so, coming back to this Movie Marathon….a couple of weeks back I heard a very old song and it reminded me of one of the days when a friend heard the same song and kept on singing about how good movies used to be in those times, art and creativity, message and blah blah….And then I was like, ‘meh…yeah whatever…you are one of them….always cribbing about the present and dreaming in the past’. But well, this happened when I was quite young (not that I am old now, but you know us, we like to take things more seriously when it comes from someone who calls them more mature and experienced. You get the drift right?)

Anyways(I hate this when I keep mixing up stories and wander off in some random direction, missing upon the actual theme of the post. Sorry for that guys, bear with me, I promise I am working on it 🙂 ), so when i heard this song and her recitation came to my mind, I somehow felt an urge to watch this movie. Another of those rare times when I don’t even do a Wikipedia/IMDb research, but just have to watch it.

I download a few torrents, unluckily none was a good nice print. Asked around a few friends, no help there. Finally was about to give up and was listening to the same song on YouTube when the sidebar shows me ‘Watch …… complete movie online for free’. And I am like,’Whoa, that was like God-sent’. So I found a nice channel and sit to watch the movie. And before I knew it, my Bollywood Classics Movie Marathon had begun.

I just couldn’t find myself being able to press the Pause button at all. The first movie was completed in full agony(when I had had had to pause for natural causes, you know, and then thirst and hunger etc. etc.)But by the end of the movie, I knew what preparations I had to do and what all the Marathon demanded (I never really took these very seriously before…or maybe I never saw such awesome movies collection where not even one could compete with the other).

These movies would leave no corners of you heart untouched and hence, the title of the post. It’s not just crying and sadness (although we have a special attachment towards any form of art attached with those feelings) but also the way hope and happiness is portrayed in all of these matinees. It was like I was discovering emotions and their extremes which I had long forgotten or maybe didn’t even know they existed. It’s completely refreshing and every time I finish a movie, I feel like I have grown a little older, or maybe a little more sensible (who says movies don’t affect society..haan..haan…). That’s the kind of feeling of stability it gives towards the end.

And the music….Oh My God….I am sorry but I really don’t have enough vocabulary to express that passion and sentiment the music evoked. Breathtakingly unbelievable. I could sit for hours, alone, anywhere, listening to their music and thinking nothing….or maybe about life (perfect for those 3AM thoughts) :-p

Enough of sugar-lumps feeding…. :-p Try any of these and let me know what you felt…or even if you couldn’t stand even the first half an hour. Since the Marathon is still on as I am adding to my list almost everyday, this post will get updated.

  1. Ijaazat (Tops my chart for now)
  2. Arth
  3. Saaransh
  4. Anand
  5. Ankur
  6. Zakhm

You have any suggestions?

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5 Responses to These Bollywood Classics Would Drain You Off of Emotions

  1. ushaveera68 says:

    I would suggest adding Utsav, Andhi, Mausam, khoobsoorat come to mind right away.


  2. amangidra says:

    I would suggest adding Pyaasa and Saheb biwi aur ghulam…xceptional piece of work by Guru dutt.


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