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Youth 101: Let’s Try And Decode These Crazy Kids

Originally posted on Ashish Shakya:
The four of you who still read newspapers may have seen reports about the Hindustan Times-MaRS Youth Survey 2014, which is something that brands do from time to time to figure out what young people…

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On RakshaBandhan :-)

It’s RakshaBandhan in India today and brothers and sisters of the country are celebrating. Although I feel the excitement has somehow receded now and few brothers like flaunting their arms full of rakhis, its still a festival when sisters get … Continue reading

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Vacation Woes :-(

Procrastination wins again! I bow down to thee. I was so excited about the coming long weekends until today afternoon. I could survive the long barren July only in wait and anticipation of these long weekends in August. But only … Continue reading

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When Office Occupies Your Weekends Too

Aah…I love it! Save your reproachful looks!!! I am not talking about those rotten hateful weekends when you have to go to office because of some “emergency” deployment or an “issue” in production….yeah…we all give the same nasty look to … Continue reading

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These Bollywood Classics Would Drain You Off of Emotions

I am a crazy weird person and almost everybody has accepted this by now. And this random post is another proof of just how random can I be. So off late, I have got this Movie Marathon bugs in me. … Continue reading

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