Is Abolishing Family Names A Solution?

A few days back I was having this discussion with a friend. He was telling about his brother’s wedding which happened quite recently. Somewhere in the middle, I got the hint that his brother and sister-in-law might not be of the same caste. In that moment of epiphany, I exclaimed, “Oooo, so it’s a louuuvveee marriage!” And started giggling because Bhaiya was always that shy and quiet kinds. I never imagined him having a love-marriage.

My friend was surprised. He asked,”And from where did you get this idea? It’s an arranged marriage.” Quite embarrassed, I stupidly started to explain myself that since the two are of different caste, I assumed it could not have been an arranged-marriage. He said that his family is not one of those to follow caste and religion in marriages. They were just looking for a nice and educated girl. They found her in another caste but who cares. Everybody liked her and the wedding was fixed.

Did you see, parents? Now that’s the kind of progress I am talking about! You find a nice girl/guy, irrespective of the caste and religion and then let’s see who talks of dowry and hefty expensive weddings.

While we were happily celebrating this small, maybe inconsequential victory, he said that their family Guru says that the best way to abolish all this high-caste/low-caste, Rajput/Brahmin talk is to abolish surnames. Bingo! I loved the idea.

Imagine where there will be no family names and people can invent their own family names when they get married. Parents would say, “Go on kids. Get creative. Get wild. Find a nice interesting family name to distinguish your new family.” How lovely would that be. No identification of religion or caste. No discrimination of high and low. Everyone can start their own unique family tree (that sounds funny though 🙂 ). Because until we have these family names, our prejudices will be the biggest barriers in forgetting about these evils.

But there is just one problem. I am worried that some of us might  go retardedly crazy and come up with names like “North West”! Maybe the Indian version would be like Sooraj Chand? Because (quoting Einstein) –

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

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2 Responses to Is Abolishing Family Names A Solution?

  1. ANooP says:

    Great idea…My surname for example suggests caste, which is sad but I think I will live with it cos I love my name, been with me since my birth 😀 But kudos to the suggestion though it will never be accepted and practiced.


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