When someone called me ‘Anti-Establishment’

A couple of weeks back, I was giving an interview. Right after 5-6 mins. through the dialogue, the interviewer bluntly says, “So, basically, you are an anti-establishment kind of  a person”. And I am like, “What does that even mean?”.

Now in any other situation, I would have replied with a ,”Hell, yeah!” because the term ‘anti-establishment‘ sounded so cool. (grinning on the inside about the simplicity of the moron who would have said it). But this is my INTERVIEW.

So, restraining the over-confident babe that I am, I decide to test the waters. And I casually ask, ” And why do you think so?” He stares at me and gives me that look implying “Hey girl, I am your interviewer. Dont you know you are not supposed to ask questions to me?”. And his stare changes to confusion and I feel pride when I realize that he is thinking,” Now am I supposed to answer this girl or what?”. Anyways, this interaction is becoming increasingly funny for me to handle so I decide to relieve him of his misery and I respond,”So, I am not sure if I should be asking questions but let me answer you about my seeming anti-establishment.” And I ramble on some deep sh** about some other deep sh** and the topic changes somehow. Victory!!!

But I come back home and that term is still running in my head. I go to the internet, because somehow that’s the most reliable source of information these days, and plunge into it with the term ‘Anti-establishment’. Wikipedia, O yeah!

Wikipedia describes – an anti-establishment view or belief is one which stands in opposition to the conventional social, political, and economic principles of a society. And I start to analyse. Does that reflect a person who –

  1. Makes friends whom they really like and admire and not to fit in a group
  2. Does their job as responsibly and attentively as required and not because they are their manager’s puppy
  3. Likes to go out when in mood and not because someone might feel bad if they didn’t
  4. Will marry when they wish to and not because the society has set an age-limit to it
  5. Will have kids when/if they want to and not because the family is hoping for it soon

So, if the above fall against the conventional principles of the society then, yes, I am an ‘anti-establishment’ kind of a person, assuming what Wikipedia taught me is correct. Because an accepted practice going on for too long doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right.

I am proudly ‘anti-establishment’ because –

Stop Compromising, Start Living!

Am I wrong?

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3 Responses to When someone called me ‘Anti-Establishment’

  1. Akriti says:

    Be the way you are coz’ you don’t owe anything to anyone. Be YOU. 🙂
    I’d like to quote here – ‘Only dead fish flow with the stream.”

    I really like this post 🙂

    I wrote these posts a while back. If u ever feel like , read –



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