Chetan Bhagat ko Dandawat Pranam|I Hate You Like I Love You

So since everybody loves to read these days, thanks to our very own home production, Mr. Chetan Bhagat, I would like to take this opportunity to pay my highest regards to him by doing a Dandavat Pranam.

Now, I am no fan of Chetan Bhagat, let me make that pretty clear. In fact, I despise his writing and that’s because he has completely changed our image of the Indian female. Weren’t we having enough tough time maintaining our Sati- Saavitri image? Do you think its easy to feign ignorance when all guys around you are talking about Savita Bhabhi? I mean, if those ‘chaar log‘ even got a hint that even we (by ‘we’ I mean Indian females) can get needy at times, who will marry us? After all, that’s the ultimate goal right? Keep those ‘chaar log‘ impressed so that you get a nice and wealthy (maybe it should be wealthy and nice?) Prince Charming to marry.

And then comes Vidya Balan with statements like “Women like it, want it, need it as much as men do”. That too on ‘Koffee with Karan‘ which is like the most iconic show on Indian Television!!! Karan Johar is like the ‘Dad’ of the Bollywood fraternity and the youth of the nation look up to him. Really, what will they learn? Already girls saw Alia Bhatt with her 0 IQ on public display and are thinking that’s the latest trend! What about the ‘Laaj-Sharam-Haya‘ we are expected to reflect at all times, and especially when in a Saari? Vidya, OMG, you totally were in a Saari that day and so you might be witnessing Dharna Pradarshans in front of your house from those ‘Chaar Log‘ soon. Better be prepared!

So, Mr. Chetan Bhagat, coming back to you. I still consider you the ‘Paris Hilton of Literature‘, as I read somewhere. But, I respect you for bringing around that reading-rage in our country when every kid wants to finish-off all of your 100-page novels overnight because they dont want to be left out of the hottest discussions in school. I admire you for making reading ‘Cool‘, albeit through the Hindustani version of Mills & Boon, because as one of my friends said ,” Any person who can finish writing a book is a hero. Respect“.

Heil Reading!

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