The Father’s Day Special

A super kiddish poem that I am giggling while writing. Bringing out the stupid kid in me. 🙂


The favorite picture of my childhood is that one

Where I am standing on your palms, a little girl of 1

I am so innocently happy, caring for none

Looking towards the sky, my life just begun

Thinking nothing thoughts, enjoying the fun

Beaming with sunshine, the glow of my inner sun

Proudly in your care, like the battle’s already won

Nothing could stop me, I will hit a home run


I am thanking you today, which I fail to do often

For the best childhood and a home like heaven

For the express freedom and occasional words of caution

For the concern and anger whenever my heart was broken

For guiding me towards reality but making me believe in fiction

For inspiring me to dream and dream big in fashion

For never giving up on me even when there was friction (between us)

Telling me to be patient because whatever has to, will always happen


It will never be enough but thanking you a ton

For that favorite picture and for being my beacon

simply because, Dad’s are awesome!


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