UPSC’13 Topper Gaurav Agrawal, Aam Aadmi Party and the Modi-led BJP – What’s in common?

By now, the news would have spread like wildfire that the UPSC’13 Topper has sacrificed a lucrative job in Hong Kong in exchange for the challenging ‘Public Service’. So, before someone else cracks the code, let me break-in and explain to you what’s all the connection between the recent happenings in India.

1. Gaurav Agrawal, an IIT-IIM alumnus, had an extremely well-paying job as an Investment Banker in Hong Kong. After 4-years of dueling, he realized in 2011 that serving the Country and working for it’s betterment, was his calling. He quit his job and put his heart and soul in the preparation of UPSC. Undaunted by a mere 244 AIR in 2012, he reattempted the exam in 2013 and came out as the Topper.

Moral of the Story – It’s high time and the youth of the nation have started to realize that complaining will not solve any purpose. Its time to start and ‘Be the change you want to see’.

2. The Modi-led BJP govt. appears much above-par the expectations from a new govt. It looks like the purposeful speeches are awakening the Democracy from a long psychic slumber. Modi’s administrative reforms are portraying a unique kind of transparency that the Indian public had never experienced before from any ruling party. The no-nonsense attitude in the Lok Sabha comes as a pleasant surprise. An ET report quotes – “Modi’s ministers have been warned not to put their feet in their mouths, be wary of the media, work long hours and be modest in their trappings. Bureaucrats have been promised more power and autonomy and ordered to buckle down. Lawyers are aghast that the Chief Justice of India wants courts to work 365 days a year to chisel down their backlog of cases.”

Moral of the Story – Ministers have come to realize sooner that gone are the days when the public could be fooled with grand manifestos and no-output delivery. If the people have put their faith in you, they expect concrete results. Because whatever you do, be sure that the people are saying – ‘I have got my eyes on you’.

3. It all began with the numerous Dharnas and RTI complaints. There was some ruckus and people looked up. Shocked and surprised, they saw a common man taking up an unconventional battle with facts and figures against the Lords of Indian Politics . It happened quite literally for the Aam Aadmi Party – First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. This party brought scam- and corruption- discussions to every household and drawing room. It made people realize that the two big-brothers cannot go on saying ‘My way or the highway’ and that instead, there is a third option.

Moral of the Story – Every Indian youth is now interested in taxes, tolls and scams. They are proudly aware that the Brahmastra which goes by the name of RTI is in their hands.

All these are positive changes which reflect a time of revolution. It reminds of the song we used to sing at Jagriti Yatra

Kuch badal raha, kuch badlenge;
Tab badlega, jab badlenge
Kuch dekha hai, kuch dekhenge;
Kuch likha hai, kuch likh denge…
Yaaron chalo! Badalne ki rut hai; 
Yaaron chalo! Sawarne ki rut hai…

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2 Responses to UPSC’13 Topper Gaurav Agrawal, Aam Aadmi Party and the Modi-led BJP – What’s in common?

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  2. mosttrending says:

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