Microsoft Outlook : Sending return e-mails through hyperlink

This is something very basic but I discovered recently. I had to add this to my blog, assuming it would be helpful for many people not aware of this feature.

You can add automatic return emails or replies to your mail through a simple hyperlink. This is mainly useful when inviting articles or feedback from your mail readers or if you are asking for nominations for something.

By embedding a hyperlink, the reader is saved the pain of composing a new email to send to the destination. You can also set the format and the subject of the return mail yourself.

Go ahead and explore this feature!

— To add a hyperlink, place your cursor where you want the link to appear in the text, and then click Insert Hyperlink.
— Do one of the following:
• Browse to the hyperlink and click to select it. It will appear in the Address box.
• Type the e-mail address or URL for the hyperlink in the Address box.
— In the Text to display box, type the text that will appear as the hyperlink text (if you want recipients to see something other than the e-mail address or URL).
— Click OK.

And it’s done! Let me know if this was useful to you.

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