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Negligence and Irresponsible behavior by Vodafone-Del

This is my personal experience. I need all the support that anyone reading this post can give. This will be a warning to all major mobile operators across to be more responsible. Also, they’ll think twice before assuming that they … Continue reading

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Rajan was on his way back home. Tired from work, his pace was slow. It was a really long day, and it was going to be a long night too. Some may say the distance from office to home was … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Arvind Kejriwal

To The only hope of our country I write this letter with reference to your much famed decision to contest against Sheila Dikshit in the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections. Bravo! You at least brought a stir in the way politics … Continue reading

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Microsoft Outlook : Sending return e-mails through hyperlink

This is something very basic but I discovered recently. I had to add this to my blog, assuming it would be helpful for many people not aware of this feature. You can add automatic return emails or replies to your … Continue reading

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If You Weren’t Afraid

I came across this line while reading the book ‘Lean In: Women, Work, and The Will to Lead’. It says: ‘So please ask yourself: What would I do if I weren’t afraid? And then go do it.’ While it may mean … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Cities

How is it different working in Bangalore and NCR for the same company   I am working for the same multinational company as a Software Developer for the past 4 years. I worked in Bangalore for 3.5 years and have … Continue reading

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