And There I Stood….

thinking girl

And there I stood, immobile,
absolutely still and lost.
I stood waiting, wanting and bleeding.
Bleeding from the heart,
bleeding from the eyes and
bleeding from the soul.

What had just happened?

He had said nothing and
his nothingness conveyed everything.
That’s how the talk was.
Nothing and a The End.

I stood there thinking
and absorbing
what had just broken.
Was it his heart,
or was it my heart,
or was it something that we shared?
Maybe a string that had kept us together.

I stood there numb,
not feeling the rustling wind,
not feeling the warm breeze of the afternoon
and not feeling the ache
of my self being shattered.

I stood there dumb,
not able to decipher
what good will this pain bring,
what could be the ultimate plan
that God had
and what would happen
to the future I thought was destined.

And just like that,
I came back to reality.

He was gone and with him,
he took away all the love
I could feel
and all the love
I could give.

The furnace was left burning
and it would char all around it.

He took away all the dreams
that were built very carefully
with the golden thread of memories.
He took away all the hopes
that were sewn every night
with utmost care and delicacy.
He took away all the desires
that were nurtured
through those intimate moments
and lovely evenings.

Not a single drop of cry
and not the slightest tinge of agony.

Because he took away all
that I could feel.
He took away all
that I knew for emotions.
He took it all away very brutally.

What was left?

The face, the body,
the life and a reminder.

A reminder
that my soul was gone
and it was gone for good.
A reminder that a life
of nothingness awaits.
A reminder that it was not enough.

A reminder that
there is something called Destiny.

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