If Not…..


What were you when you were not this?

Do you like yourself now? Yes? Congrats! You are into building a better life.

No? Then why did you change?

Remember your old self. Do you miss him/her? Go back. Think over what things changed you. Were they worth the change? Yes? Good then. You have changed for someone or something more important to you than yourself. That’s something rare and you should credit yourself.

It was not worth the effort? Then why did you change at all? Were you hoping for something good to happen by it? Did it happen? Yes? Then forget regretting and be happy that your hope changed to reality.

It dint happen? Good, now you have a lesson for life on the limitations of hope.

Where were you when you were not here?

Do you like the place where you are now? It could be the workplace or the location of the flat you bought last week. Yes? Great! You know where you are heading and I am glad you have made a happier life for yourself.

Is your answer ‘No’? Then think why did you come here? Was it to solve some purpose? Is it solved? Yes? Good. Now is it possible to move back? Yes? Go ahead and be happy.

The shift did not solve your purpose? Is there any hope? Yes? Then keep going my friend. You might have to bear it all for some more time but won’t it all be worth it? So, just hang on.

There is no hope? Then think if you can move back. Yes? Then what are you waiting for? Come on, pack your bags and look for a different possibility. But first of all, get back to the old place and give yourself some peace.

You cannot move back? Then, look for similar options elsewhere. Dig in harder. It’s not that difficult. Who knows you might find something even better. But don’t give up yet.

Why are you if you are not because of that?

Realized the ultimate goal of life? No? You need to spend some time with yourself alone. You need to plan your life a little more and you need to think about your distant future a little more seriously.

Yes, you know the goal? Amazing! Have you chalked out a plan yet? No? Life is too short to waste any time uselessly. Sit in peace and think over how you would proceed to achieve that goal.

No plans yet? It’s ok. Most of us haven’t reached there. But are you enjoying the time you are spending on those other things? Yes? Great! Keep the fun going but in some time, you might need to get back to this core planning job.

So you are not enjoying putting time elsewhere too? You know, we might not have as much time as we imagine. So, quit doing things that don’t make you happy. Do not waste any time in deciding over that. You will never regret it, I am sure.

We need to ask such simple questions to ourselves more often. They may help you a little in getting your life on track. But most importantly, be happy and enjoy wherever you are and whatever you do. If you regret doing something, make up for it and be at peace.

Happy living!

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