Top 5 Reasons To Have a Private Job

Disclaimer: Much criticism was taken and many of my friends’ hearts were broken during the creation of this article. I would request you, my dear reader, to maintain a 2  micro sec silence to console all those bruised friendships and hurt emotions.

So, after handling a lot of criticism from my readers (Yes, I cried for almost 5 secs. for all your ranting) that they are not getting all those perks I mentioned in the article (I am going to put a PIL in Supreme Court very soon to raise all your concerns, believe me), let me spare not the private jobs holders and bring them also to the podium. Presenting before you a quick analysis of why you should go for the private job option.

1. Considering you are your manager’s favorite, you get to go to ONSITE. Oh, so you don’t know the technology they are sending you to work on? Doesn’t matter. Who said you need skills to be the chosen one. (This is between you and me, or else you might loose respect in society).

2. So you are doing nothing at onsite and went to get a Knowledge Transfer or Tech Support work? Doesn’t matter. You got to go out of India and are worthy of all the love and respect in the society!!! Come on now, who gets a chance to  travel out of the country. (Yes, yes, I agree you have a passport and the freedom to travel whenever and wherever you want. But Sheela Aunty wont understand this).

2. So your package is 6.0L p.a. fixed and 11L p.a. including the variable component  which you most often do not get. Who cares? When your mom is going to find you a girl/guy (assuming your preferences are considered), they’ll quote only THE (pronounce ‘theeeee’) package. Of course it helps in fixing the dowry! What were you thinking when your mom was asking and memorizing your package every now and then?

3.  You get more respect if you work in Infosys or TCS and not SAIL or SBI. Because you see, Infosys and TCS are more famous brands for your parents and for Sheela Aunty and for those chaar log. You’ll hear a big sigh and a comment like –  ‘Why do you work in SBI? Got rejected in TCS or what?’ very often if you are in a govt. job and not in any Indian MNC.

4. Stressed by the reducing no. of likes on Facebook?  Remember that one time someone’s clients from abroad came for an India visit and you got yourself posed with them? Doesn’t mater they were not your clients or friends. Put such ominous thoughts out of your mind and make it your profile pic. See the drastic increase in your no. of likes!

5. So Sheela Aunty’s son is also in the same company? Awesome. Now all of you from same locations gang up and recommend each other for onsite and promotions. Make sure this is done under the hood. This is called a 2-way benefit model. You din’t get it? Never mind, its a private job thing.

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