Top 10 reasons to Date A Girl Who Loves Fast Food


Disclaimer [In no seriousness]: The post is not suitable for people above the age 25. Since it contains funny matter regarding dating and relationships, we advise you to refrain from reading this in order to protect humorous invasion into your personal requirements of seriousness and grace in your spouse.

So you are single and ready to mingle (as they say)! You start looking out and are surprised by the variety of options in this species. Yes, my dear, we are talking about women. Now, you may wonder how to classify them. Well, you may go ahead and choose you own parameters but I’ll give you a detailed analysis why you should go with the one peculiar kind, which is an eating girl. Yes, a female who loves fast food and is always on-the-go to bag an opportunity for it.

1. She’ll never take time in getting ready while going outdoors, which, mind you my friend is a very rare quality of this interesting species. That’s because she is well aware that if you crave for a McD French Fries now, you need it now and not 10 mins later.

2. She’ll never blabber and bore you with all the details about her family and why Sheela aunty bought the saari for 20K which was not even worth 1000 bucks. This is because she knows that if she’ll waste her time chatting with you, you may be the one to have a larger share of the common chicken nuggets serving you both ordered to share.

3. She’ll never expect you to hopelessly fall in love with her cooking, because she knows that a double cheese burst pizza is anytime better than her home-cooked paneer butter masala. So, while you may enjoy her cooking, you don’t have to worry about giving new compliments everyday.

4. She’ll never poke you every now and then to try new eating places in town. This is because she knows that even the latest menu item at the coolest restaurant in city cannot compete with a 10-piece chicken bucket.

5. During a fight, you don’t have to spend much time thinking of ways to lighten her mood and end the fight. You just send a McD breakfast menu over a Sunday morning and the fight is over. Bet me if she doesn’t call you in an hour (of course only after finishing her hashbrown and delicious morning coffee). And this will be vice versa.

6. She’ll never expect expensive gifts from you because she’ll want you to save it and spent it on checking out the new fast-food chain recently opened round the corner while you take her to a fast-food eating spree over the weekend.

7. She’ll never complain about you getting fatter by the day and losing out on your physique. This is because she is already consumed by her best friends’ complaining about her bulging waistline and sagging tummy. So, her motto is ‘Getting Fat Together’, because YOLO.

8. You don’t have to worry about she being choosy and taking her own time to order when you are eating out. This is because if she is a lover of fast-food, she will mostly have her preferences and favorites at every other joint you go. So, you save the pain of handling her multiple cancellations and reorders.

9. She’ll never expect you to linger long after your meal is done and spend romantic moments, stopping you from relaxing in your bed after a sumptuous and wallet-friendly meal. This is because she knows that there are a no. of people in queue waiting to get a seat the same way as her a few days ago, when she spent a total 30mins for her turn to be able to sit and eat at Burger King.

10. You don’t have to worry about ending up with no money by the end of the month because she insisted on going to a posh restaurant. That’s because all she wants from you is go out and have her favorite McGrill burger with her own fries (no sharing fries, mind you!).



Sheela Aunty: Don’t know her? Don’t worry. She is one of those ‘chaar log’ our Indian society cares the most about but don’t know the whereabouts of.

Paneer Butter Masala: Haven’t tasted yet? Blimey! You are at a total loss. It’s a very famous Indian cuisine people crave to eat. (Although I don’t even like the smell of it. Yes, I am a classified weirdo)

YOLO: You Live Only Once. A very smart excuse being used by youngsters these days for all their mischief.

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7 Responses to Top 10 reasons to Date A Girl Who Loves Fast Food

  1. khushboo says:

    Huh!!!…I’m going 4 cheesy burst 4 sure after this reply….
    thumbs up 4 this amateur article. But Disclaimer must have been on the basis of relationship status..not Age… well one Good thing about restricting is people are tempted to do restricted jobs…..hahaha.. Good for you.. ..


    • chotupriya says:

      Thanks for being the first person to comment. As a bonus, I’ll write an article exclusively for you! And about the disclaimer, you know how human brain works. One does simply ignore an article when it asks not to read further….so you know my strategy now 🙂


  2. Anshuman says:

    Wow Priya !! What an interesting food for thought. The topic being super tingly, the manner it is written in and the flow of thoughts is progressive and well contained. You my friend are a future writer. Looking forward to more blog-posts from you with more and more good literature to read. Cheers !


    • chotupriya says:

      Thanks a lot Anshuman! It is really great to see someone out of my friend list approves of my writing (You know how I would have pushed my friends to like and comment :p). About the future writer comment, it is the biggest honor a writer can get for her first article!!! You really made my day. Please keep coming for more and I will try my best to keep you entertained.


  3. WOW!!!!Thanks Priya u have just given me a confidence to eat and enjoy my fast foods!!!just loved this article 🙂


  4. T-KK says:

    So f**king misogynistic… Besides the fact that the reasoning behind this is pretty dumb, you basically just assume all women are sexist stereotypes who love to gossip, take ages to get ready, etc. Men are AS vain as women if not more. What makes you assume that in this day and age, the man will be the one earning? What makes you think they won’t split the bill, or that women are more fussy about what they eat than men are? Or that she’ll be the cook of the house with no job? This is not the 50’s. Get a grip on reality, and please stop spreading sexist old fashioned bulls**t.

    You say that this post is not suitable for people above the age of 25, but have you considered that the ideals on which you base your reasoning belong to the generations past, and not today’s youth?


    • Get a grip on urself women…If u did find any fault in this article, i think u forgot to read the first line :

      Disclaimer [In no seriousness]: The post is not suitable for people above the age 25. Since it contains funny matter regarding dating and relationships, we advise you to refrain from reading this in order to protect humorous invasion into your personal requirements of seriousness and grace in your spouse.

      As such, this is meant to be a humorous piece to bring a smile to people’s faces. If you have a problem with taking in a little sarcasm, you better not read such posts.

      Anyways, thanks for reading and taking the time to express your views.


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