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And There I Stood….

And there I stood, immobile, absolutely still and lost. I stood waiting, wanting and bleeding. Bleeding from the heart, bleeding from the eyes and bleeding from the soul. What had just happened? He had said nothing and his nothingness conveyed … Continue reading

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If Not…..

What were you when you were not this? Do you like yourself now? Yes? Congrats! You are into building a better life. No? Then why did you change? Remember your old self. Do you miss him/her? Go back. Think over … Continue reading

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5 Tips To Start Saving Small

I was sitting on the couch with a cup of tea in my hand and gaping at my expense checklist for last month. It looked insane. How can almost half of my expenditure be on commutation! It was not fair. … Continue reading

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GEt SmaRT! 10 Amazing tips for Microsoft Outlook

Use the below rarely-known amazing tricks for Microsoft Outlook to work smarter at your workplace. Include Holidays into your Calendar   On the Tools menu, click Options, click Calendar Options, and then click Add Holidays. If you travel between Time Zones … Continue reading

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YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Love Story? Ah…sort of.

Disclaimer: There is nothing special in this story. The plot, the characters and the events are very ordinary. Then again, should you go ahead and read, you might be amazed by the impact this ordinary chronicle will make through its … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons To Have a Private Job

Disclaimer: Much criticism was taken and many of my friends’ hearts were broken during the creation of this article. I would request you, my dear reader, to maintain a 2  micro sec silence to console all those bruised friendships and hurt emotions. … Continue reading

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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Govt. Job

Disclaimer: I have tried to keep the post strictly  funny and only humorous  So, I would, in all earnesty,  recommend you to go ahead and debate on this with your parents! But remember to come back and give me the details. After … Continue reading

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